Better Office 365 Reporting and Analytics applications

We give you easy to interpret data that helps you to reduce costs, identify security risks and maintain visibility of usage and changes in your Office 365 environment.

What we do

Our reporting applications are powerful, detailed and highly customisable, with capabilities that extend far beyond the native solutions available through Office 365. The application is entirely web-based, so it’s quick to set up, and gives you instant access to updates as soon as they’re released – in the past 12 months at least one new feature has been released every few weeks.

Getting set up is quick and easy – sign up for a free 14 day trial and see how enhanced reporting can offer valuable insight for your organisation.

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Our Products

Cogmotive Office 365 Reports are detailed, automated and fully customisable, providing clear visibility of your Office 365 environment. Our reports will help you identify services that are not being used, manage security and measure return on your investment.

With Office 365 reports, you can:

  • Identify irregularities in the amount of spam received to specific email addresses.
  • Ensure your mailboxes are secure by identifying mailboxes that have non-standard permissions set.
  • See how employees are using Skype for Business and monitor service adoption with user level breakdown of activity and session types.
  • View mobile devices policy information, allowing you to see if any mobile devices within your environment do not have the correct policies applied.
  • Access inactive user information to show where your organisation could save money on unused licences.

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Cogmotive SharePoint Online Reports make security and compliance simple. The settings, permissions, storage and usage can be seen across your entire environment using our SharePoint Online reports, allowing them to be audited with just a few clicks.

With SharePoint Online Reports you can:

  • Review permissions and group membership within your SharePoint environment, reducing the risk of sensitive company information being available to people that it shouldn't.
  • View settings reports to audit compliance with your company's governance plan
  • See where storage is being consumed within your SharePoint environment
  • Evaluate where SharePoint storage could be saved by reviewing contents using the Inactive Objects Report, and identifying any outdated or redundant items.
  • Find out who has access to which folders and document libraries, and ensure that users have the information they need - and nothing they don't.

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Office 365 can be a bit of a black box, giving Compliance Officers and IT Administrators limited visibility of user activity.

This can pose risks to organisations who have regulatory requirements or heightened security concerns, especially when combined with the fact that cloud services are accessible from any PC or device with an internet connection.

Cogmotive's Discover & Audit tool leverages the Office 365 Management Activity API to collect data on all your employees' Office 365 activities including every file modified, every login attempt, every password change, every mailbox accessed and more.

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Security & Peace of Mind

Security is our biggest priority.

We know how important it is that your data is stored securely, handled responsibly, and only accessed by the people who need it.

That's why we provide you with the tools and information you need to be confident in how we handle your data.

Our security features include; two factor authentication, read-only service account, encrypted at rest, encrypted SSL channel and single sign-on.

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A wide range of reporting options

We report on many facets on Office 365 including Exchange Online, Skype for Business, Azure Active Directory, Licences, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Mobile Devices & Security.

We collect information about your Office 365 environment each day and use it to create clear and customisable reports for your organisation.

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Trusted by Thousands

Our customers range from small businesses to global Fortune 500 Enterprises and we report on millions of mailboxes from all over the world.

Our customers use Cogmotive Reports to:

  • Track & measure migration milestones
  • Save money by identifying unused services and licences
  • Manage security & compliance requirements

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