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About Us

We're just your average IT guys.

Inquisitive and happier spending our time automating tedious processes than doing them manually again and again.

So when it came to doing a repetitive job we naturally asked,

'Why is there no tool that can automate this?'

After digging around we confirmed that there really wasn't anything that could do what we wanted.

So the next question we asked was,

'Could there be?'

And that's when we founded Cogmotive.

Our aim was simple:

To create tools to make SysAdmins and IT Managers' lives simple - or at least simpler - by equipping them with the data they need while saving them time.

Our mission is by no means complete, and we're not done trying either. We're adding to our product portfolio all the time, but we think we've made a pretty good start.

We should probably introduce ourselves:

Alan Byrne

Alan has been writing code in one form or another since he was programming QBasic at 8 years old. Ten years later he wrote a Windows software application called "Networx Manager" which allowed teachers to control and monitor the PCs of their students in a computer lab environment.  This software was sold to dozens of schools around Australia.

In 2002 he moved from software development to Microsoft Systems Administration, working for Systems Integration/MSP companies in Australia. Alan later took these skills and experience and applied them to large enterprise environments when he started working in Messaging and Collaboration for global financial institutions such as Citigroup and Macquarie Bank. It was during this time that he also completed a Master's Degree in IT Management.

Alan's experience with systems integration and MSPs allowed him to identify a disconnect between IT systems and business processes and how the right software can be used to bridge this gap. His later work in large global financial companies with heightened audit, regulatory and data security needs gave Alan insight into communication and decision-making structures and the need for visibility and reporting generated by large businesses.

In 2011 after moving to the UK, Alan consulted on large scale migrations to Office 365. It was here that Alan first saw a critical business need for information relating to Office 365 emerging from different parts of a project and across an organization.

Alan saw an opportunity to bring together his previous Software Development, Microsoft Systems Administration and Management skills with the understanding of customers that he had gained throughout his career to co-found Cogmotive, a company that specializes in finding intuitive software based solutions to problems that many Systems Administrators face on a daily basis.

Alan used his understanding of enterprise and consumer software to develop the elegant front-end customer facing reporting interfaces used in Cogmotive's products.

Dan Rose

Dan has been working in the IT industry for over 23 years. He graduated in Software Engineering before going to work on some of the first business intelligence and reporting tools for the publishing industry.

Deciding to broaden his skills, Dan moved into Systems Administration and Consultancy working on some of the early Windows platforms for leading UK companies, eventually progressing to Messaging & Collaboration. His experience spans from the early days of Microsoft Mail all the way through Exchange to Office 365. As a subject matter expert in the newest Microsoft technologies, he has enabled the organizations he worked for to remain at the forefront of innovation.

In 2012 Dan co-founded Cogmotive, bringing the flagship reporting tool to life. Dan's detailed understanding of Microsoft products and his skill with crafting powerful automation tools for large enterprise environments was what culminated in the creation of the leading Office 365 Reporting product on the market.

Dan's automated data collection engine powers the back end of all Cogmotive's reporting products and has allowed a small development team to manage infrastructure that allows thousands of companies to report on millions of Office 365 seats.

Catherine McArthur

Originally from Australia, Catherine spent a number of years advising senior political leaders on policy, communications and strategic planning. She has worked at senior levels in government in both Australia and the UK, most recently implementing key EU policies in the UK.

In 2014 Catherine joined Cogmotive as Head of Operations, tasked with applying her skills in strategy, implementation and building high performing teams to drive business growth. A key challenge was establishing frameworks that would allow the business to keep pace with the rapid development of the product without compromising customer service, security and innovation as the team grew beyond a handful of staff.

She is now responsible for the day to day running of the business as Chief Operating Officer. Under Catherine's leadership Cogmotive has transformed from a product run by the two founders to a diversified global business with offices in the UK and North America that continues to delight its customers with our innovative products and high quality customer service.