Cogmotive Discover & Audit

Office 365 can be a black box that gives Compliance Officers and IT Administrators limited visibility of user activities. This can pose risks to organisations who have regulatory requirements or heightened security concerns, especially when combined with the fact that cloud services are accessible from any internet connected PC.

If you experienced an attack on your Office 365 environment, how quickly could you respond?

Do you have an audit trail where you can filter and visualise your audit data to investigate suspicious activity?

How long would it take you to investigate a security incident, identify the cause, and take action?

Too Much Data is Just as Bad as too Little

Your employees perform millions of actions on Office 365 every day. When an incident occurs and you’re tasked with finding out what happened, who was responsible, and what action needs to be taken – how do you find the needle in the haystack?

Cogmotive’s Discover & Audit enables you to segment and visualise activity, so that you can isolate events or threats quickly using advanced search capabilities, unlike the native Office 365 Audit Log - which gives you all your activity in one, large, unwieldy view.

Discover & Audit is an insurance policy for your Office 365 environment, so you can see every file modified, every login attempt, every password change, every mailbox accessed - including when, where from, and who by.

Use Discover & Audit to:

  • Detect and investigate suspicious activity in Office 365 – Something happened to an important document on SharePoint Online? Respond quickly by seeing who viewed, modified, or deleted it.
  • Identify external attacks on your environment, such as brute force password attacks or user credential leaks.
  • Produce an audit log of activity in Office 365 for a particular user, or a particular timeframe.
  • Validate that security policies are working effectively, and create new policies based on understanding actual activity and vulnerabilities.

How Much Will a Data Security Incident Cost You?

A data breach or security incident has a very real cost. Whether it’s legal action, regulatory fines - all it takes is a quick search to see the direct financial cost of security breaches.

What about the impact on trust for your existing customers? Damage to your company’s reputation can be equally harmful, and often far more challenging to regain.

Investigate Suspicious User Activities

Organisations today face the constant threat of increasingly intelligent malware and targeted hacking campaigns – not to mention the threats from within - be they careless or malicious. Discover & Audit collects records of all user activity, so you can detect unusual behaviour and take action.

What happens if one of your employees is leaving your organisation for a competitor, and you’re concerned that they might take confidential data with them?

You can pre-empt this issue by reviewing the users’ access to certain areas of Office 365. You can also verify that this has not occurred, by monitoring file activities such as which files have been modified, uploaded, downloaded, or deleted, and by who.

Keep An Eye On Admin Activities

Stay on top of your environment and its configurations by reviewing Administrator activities, including any changes that Office 365 Admins have made in SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Azure AD, with advanced filtering to isolate user or activity details.

It’s just as important to know whether you have inactive Administrators, who may not need the permissions that they have. Regular access reviews can help mitigate risks to your environment like administrators who have left or changed roles, but not had their permissions revoked.

External Threat Detection

Your users can log into Office 365 from anywhere, which is great for productivity, but it can be concerning from a security standpoint. Identify external attacks on your environment, such as brute force attacks or user credential leaks by monitoring anomalous events, including failed password attempts, suspicious user locations, and irregular sign-in activity for everyone that tries to access your Office 365 environment.

Safeguard Your Environment

Discover & Audit enables you to react to threats quickly and effectively, but it can also be used to proactively prevent threats before they strike. Validate that your security policies are working effectively, and create new policies based on a full understanding of actual activity and the vulnerabilities in your environment.