Cogmotive Office 365 Reports

Cogmotive Office 365 Reports give clear visibility of your Office 365 environment. Our detailed, automated and fully customisable reports help you identify services that are not being used, manage security and measure return on investment.

Cogmotive Office 365 Reports you can:

  • Identify irregularities in the amount of spam received
  • Ensure your mailboxes are secure by identifying non-standard permissions
  • Gain insight into how employees are using Skype for Business, and monitor service adoption with user level breakdown of activity and session types
  • See if any mobile devices within your environment do not have the correct policies applied
  • Access inactive user information and see where your organisation could save money on unused licences

Cogmotive Office 365 Reports shows you the full picture

Licensing &

Save money by identifying unused licences and analyse how your Office 365 services are being used.

Customise &

Produce customised reports and graphs that can be securely shared and scheduled. Deliver them by email in PDF or CSV format.

Security &

Simplify auditing and ensure compliance with organisational policies, allowing you to proactively identify security risks.

Migrations &

Track migration progress and automatically update stakeholders. Monitor day to day usage and long term trends.


Identify inactive Exchange Online users and mailboxes to ensure your environment is optimised and unused mailboxes are deleted when no longer required.

Read how one of our customers used Office 365 reports to review their inactive mailboxes and licenses, in order to save money and plan for growth.

Monitor the size of mailboxes in your organisation and view mailboxes that are over their quota.

View historical mail traffic trends and detect possible security threats by identifying irregularities in mail traffic over time.

Ensure company policies are being adhered to and review mailboxes with forwarding applied.

Mail Traffic

Review mail traffic usage by identifying top senders and receivers as well as gaining full insight into the size of messages being sent and received in your environment.

Monitor your mailbox security with detailed reporting on spam and malware. Review top senders and receivers for spam and malware to identify potential security vulnerabilities.

See how your spam filters are performing by reviewing spam traffic statistics to help measure return on investment or justify spend.

Distribution Groups

Audit distribution group membership and sizes to ensure the right people are in the right groups.

Ensure distribution groups are kept up to date by identifying empty groups and deleting them when they're no longer needed.


View and audit who has administrative rights to your Office 365 environment to ensure all your users have access to what they need and nothing more.

Monitor mailbox security and permissions and quickly identify if there are any mailboxes that have non-standard permissions set.

Review mailboxes on hold and users by retention policy to ensure you are meeting company, regulatory or compliance requirements.

Take a look at how one of our customers was able to manage their project mailboxes efficiently and securely using Cogmotive's Shared Mailbox Security Reports.

Skype for Business

Understand how your users are engaging using Skype for Business with detailed reporting on sessions by type, conference details, login and activity reports.

Skype for Business could offer your organisation a substitute for expensive teleconferencing. If you're implementing Skype for Business in your organisation, you can track adoption rates over time and get a user-level breakdown of not only activity, but also the types of sessions your users most commonly use. This enables you to measure your return on investment, and identify any areas where further training might be needed.

Read more about how Cogmotive Office 365 Reports helped one of our customer’s to verify that their Skype for Business implementation had been successful, and identify areas where further training might be needed.

Mobile Devices

Monitor the mobile devices connecting to your Office 365 environment by manufacturer, policy, access state and operating system. Visibility of the number and types of devices being used means you can quickly and effectively roll out updates to address security vulnerabilities for the specific devices that need them.

Find inactive mobile devices that are connected to your Office 365 environment where staff have left the organisation or a BYOD device has been replaced but not disconnected from the users mailbox.

Check that all mobile devices have the correct policies applied and review the status of policy application.

Find out how one organisation was able to respond quickly to a mobile device vulnerability which posed a threat to their environment using the Mobile Device by OS report.


Cogmotive reports are not just for the IT team. The business applications extend into many other traditional business departments, spanning HR, Finance, and Sales where they can also provide valuable insight.

Find out how one finance department was able to seamlessly access, understand licence usage and allocate costs accurately by department using Office 365 Reports.

General User Reports

Monitor adoption of services or identify where a user is licensed for a service they're not using - so you can target training or assign a more appropriate licence.

Licence Reports

Support capacity planning with a full breakdown of Office 365 licence subscriptions by user, by service, as well as tracking usage over time.

Tenant Reports

Use the Service Status report to identify service incidents or maintenance which could affect your tenant.

Custom Report Builder

Use the Custom Report Builder to generate your own bespoke reports by selecting the data fields you want and applying filters to get the information you need.

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