Security Features

We know how important it is that your data is stored securely, handled responsibly, and only accessed by the people who need it. That's why we provide you with the tools and information you need to be confident in how we handle your data.

Our security features include:

Single sign-on

Single sign-on allows your users to log in to their Cogmotive account using their Office 365 (Windows Azure Active Directory) username and password. If a user is authenticated to Office 365 in their browser Cogmotive seamlessly integrates into their Office 365 account so they can switch back and forth between reports and email without entering new credentials

Read-Only service account

Cogmotive uses a Read-Only service account to collect your data that has no permissions to make changes to your environment

Data encrypted at rest

All Cogmotive customer data is encrypted whilst it in is our database or in backup. This helps ensure that your data remains safe whenever it is in our care

Encrypted SSL Channel

Not only is your data encrypted when it is in our databases, but also in transmission. We ensure your data is encrypted from the moment we collect it from Office 365 all the way to when it is delivered to your browser

Two factor authentication

Increase the security of your account by requiring a code from a mobile application as well as your password to access your reports

Security FAQs

Is it secure?

We take security very seriously and have built Cogmotive Reports to OWASP security guidelines:

  • Cogmotive Reports runs within a Secure Private Network on the Amazon Web Services cloud, physically located in the North East of the USA. EU data hosting is available for some subscription types, contact us for more information. The Amazon Datacentres are protected by certified security practices.
  • Customer data is logically separated in our back end databases and is only accessible by senior Cogmotive Administrators. User account passwords are securely encrypted and stored within our database.
  • User accounts can be additionally secured using Two Factor Authentication which is available to all users free of charge.
  • All the components of our infrastructure communicate with each other over an encrypted SSL channel.

Where will my data be stored?

Cogmotive Reports runs on Amazon Web Services, with servers physically located in the North East of the USA. The Amazon Datacentres are protect by certified security practices, and Safe-Harbour Certified for compliance with EU Data Protection Requirements.

EU data hosting is now available for some subscription types. For more information about Cogmotive and EU Data Protection, please visit our EU Data Protection FAQ or contact us.

How often is my data updated?

We collect information from your Office 365 tenant every 24 hours.

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