Cogmotive SharePoint Online Reports

Cogmotive SharePoint Online Reports makes SharePoint Online security and compliance simple.

With SharePoint Online Reports you can:

  • Reduce the risk of sensitive company information being available to people it shouldn't by reviewing permissions and group membership
  • View settings reports to audit compliance with your company's governance plan
  • See where storage is being consumed within your SharePoint environment
  • Identify where storage could be saved, using the Inactive Objects Report, see who has access to which folders and document libraries to ensure users have the information they need - and nothing they don't

Reduce Risk, Increase Visibility & Save Time


Monitor your organisation's SharePoint Online storage consumption quickly and efficiently to prevent runaway costs.

Use Storage Reports for both SharePoint and OneDrive to quickly identify the largest folders and free up space if it is no longer required.

The SharePoint Storage Report allows you to drill down into each Site Collection and its content, in order to see where within a Site or Library that the most storage space is being consumed.

Use the OneDrive Storage History Report to view the storage used against the storage allocated, by week.


See who has been designated the “Site Collection Administrator” role for each site collection in SharePoint Online.

The Permissions Reports is a useful audit report and can help you maintain compliance with your SharePoint Governance policies.

See how permissions are applied at each level of your SharePoint Online Hierarchy, and quickly identify if there are any Unique, non-inherited permissions set in your SharePoint Online environment.


SharePoint Online Reports comes with a whole host of settings reports including Sharing, Versioning and Auditing.

Use the Sharing Settings Report to audit your environment’s Sharing Settings so you can quickly identify what can be shared outside of your organisation.

The Versioning Settings Report shows the versioning configuration of your document libraries so your users don’t overwrite important files that are difficult and time consuming to recover because the correct settings weren’t applied.

The SharePoint Audit Settings Report shows how auditing is configured on your site collections.


Ensure security across your SharePoint Online environment by reviewing sharing settings allowing you to see where sharing is allowed outside your organisation.

Use the Site Collection Administrators Report to quickly identify who has administrative access to your Site Collections helping you to minimise security risks to your confidential data.

Use the SharePoint External Users Report to view a list of the users with access to your SharePoint Online environment who are not part of your Azure Active Directory Domain.


View OneDrive Reports to see both Inactive Users and Top Users, so you can manage adoption, target training where it’s needed, and make sure you’re not paying for services your users don’t need.

The OneDrive Activity report shows the number of Inactive users over a specified time period allowing you to target training or save money on unused licences.

The Top OneDrive Users report shows the top OneDrive Users by number of items. Identifying these users can help you to identify champions who use OneDrive actively to help influence other users to make the most of the tools available.

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